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Alabama Cornhole

Alabama Cornhole Company of London is the only destination for bespoke Alabama Cornhole boards and bags in the UK.

Alabama Cornhole has been the most popular garden game in the United States for over a decade. The game’s popularity in the UK started first in Dulwich and the gardens of the Barbican Estate but now has started to spread throughout London.

Alabama Cornhole is perfect for gardens, pubs, festivals, camping, sporting events and anywhere with friends who want to have fun. We can brand your boards with any logo you wish.

Alabama Cornhole In The News

Check out these awesome articles about Alabama Cornhole. Read Go Cornholing at the Barbican by The Londonist and Alabama Cornhole Championship at the Barbican by The Barbican online now!

Give us a call or email and we will commission your own Alabama Cornhole set.

Phone Jake on: 0759 559 0988

Join us for our 2nd Alabama Cornhole London Championship at the Barbican Centre Lakeside on Saturday 12th September at 12pm!  

Free to enter – all skill levels welcome. Find out more here.